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Group Music Therapy

We provide engaging music experiences for groups of all ages, from children to adults.

Music Therapy Preschool Group:  This 45-minute group is for children up to 5 years or in Kindergarten.  This parent participation class focuses on speech/language, fine & gross motor skills and social and cognitive development – all while having fun!!

Music Therapy Elementary Group:  This 45-minute drop off class is for children in younger Elementary grades.  Social awareness is key in this group, a well as increased functional communication, attending skills and academic skills for the classroom.

Music Therapy Tween Group:  This group is designed especially for those in be”tween”ers!  This 45-minute drop off class is for late Elementary or early Middle School grades.  The focus of this group is on social experiences, leadership opportunities, speech/language skill, fine and gross motor skills and cognitive skills.

Music Therapy Teens Group:  This 45-minute drop off group is for teens in later Middle school grades or High School.  In this group, more advanced social & leadership skills are addressed, as well as responsibility for self and belongings.

Music Therapy Young Adult Group:  This 45-minute drop off group is for High School Graduates and beyond.  In this group, we use a drum circle approach to enhance communication, leadership & social skills, as well as higher executive functioning.

Interested in music therapy in your facility?  Contact Karen at 970-407-9084 or Karen@foundationmusicschool.org.