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Family Music Classes

FAMILY MUSIC is a unique music & movement program for young children of all abilities and their families.  Our Family Music classes offer fun, interactive ways to nurture your child’s developing brain and body through music and movement.  You and your child will have fun making music in class & learning special musical activities to share at home.

FAMILY MUSIC 1 (birth – 18 mos.) engages parent or caregiver and child in a sensory rich environment including bouncing, rocking and dancing songs. Nursery rhymes and chants are used to address body awareness by connecting speech with body movement. Instrument play is used to address coordination and fine motor development.  $20 material fee includes an instrument kit for you and your child to use in class and at home!  (Class duration: 30 minutes)

FAMILY MUSIC 2 (15mos. – 3  years) expands upon activities from Family Music 1 and encourages increased musical exploration through the addition of singing, fingerplays, creative movement and listening activities. (Class duration: 30 minutes)

FAMILY MUSIC 3 (ages 3 & 4) introduces social skill concepts into musical experiences such as trading, passing and turn taking. Children are encouraged to express their own musical ideas in activities. Basic academic concepts such as counting, animal names and instrument identification are also incorporated. (Class duration: 45 minutes)

♫ FAMILY MUSIC – ALL TOGETHER NOW (ages 0-4) is a class designed for families to enjoy music making together!  Classes include bouncing, dancing, instrument playing, movement, singing, listening activities, finger plays & more!  Your family will enjoy participating in music together in this fun and engaging environment! (Class duration:  45 minutes)

♫ ZUMBINI® CLASSES (ages 0-4) – Created by Zumba®, the Zumbini® program combines music, dance and educational tools for 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding, learning, and fun!  Each session includes a Zumbini® Bundle – an original songbook and music to continue the fun at home. (Class duration:  45-minutes)