3501 S. Mason St., Unit 1
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Change is coming….

We are so excited for the upcoming move this May!  We want to get YOU in on the change!

Here are some ways you can be involved in helping your music school move forward and grow.

♦ Change for Change

This spring, instead of our annual Pennies for Paper/Paper Pounding Fundraiser,  we are requesting that families donate the money they would have spent on paper products to our Change *for* Change jars.

Drop your change into the jar each week when you come to class, and we’ll apply it to the changes that are coming our way as we prepare to move into our new space!

♦ Time for Change

Consider donating your time to help us move or prepare for the change to our new space!  We have many ways you and your family can contribute.  Here are just a few! 

    • Painting in the new space
    • Packing/Unpacking boxes
    • Moving Day assistance – we need those muscles!
    • Move Out Cleaning
    • Removing shelves, coat hooks, artwork from walls
    • Disconnecting/Reconnecting our technology

 If you are interested in donating your time for change, please e-mail us here and someone will contact you.

♦ Items for Change

Our new space is bigger and better!  That means we need a few items to help keep our new space a wonderful teaching environment as well as safe & functional.

How Can you Participate:

  • All around the school are item tags hanging on the walls
  • Choose an item you’d like to purchase and donate to FMS
  • Remove the item tags from the wall
  • Talk to Denise, Karen or Nicole
  • If they are unavailable, leave the item tag(s) on the desk with your name written on it.  We will contact you!

It’s that simple!  Thank you for helping us to make a successful change by purchasing an item *for* change!